Trevor Gumbi Twarasses Lulo Cafe, Talks When He #ActedGay

If you don’t know by now that Trevor Gumbi is the funniest human being on this tragic planet, check yourself. The comedian and actor took to Twitter to express his lust engined affections for Lulo Cafe, in what soon became a fully blown out stand up session covering a wide range of topics that include anal sex, missionary, lube, blow out dolls and of course the subject matter, Lulo Cafe.

In true Trevor fashion, these confessions caught all involved off guard. The higher ranking members of Twitterville intelligentia began spewing speculation that the Rockville actor is gay Рfalling right into this quite clear trap.

The reactions could have not been funnier, though

But, at least there was a light at the end of the tunnel here, Lulo claims he scored 4 gigs after the whole thing.









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