Oupa Manyisa and baby mama drama

Orlando Pirates most valuable gem, Oupa Manyisa, has hit the news for his off the field shenanigans.

In a telling open letter, Thato Makgaka relays her experience in the relationship with the soccer player.

In the detailed open letter, tales of how the couple met, burst condoms and the discovery that Manyisa was married all made the letter. So far the player hasn’t responded to the scathing revelation of his personal life.

The best of South African’s talent have mostly fallen prey to self-destructive behaviour. Be it substance abuse or side-chick/baby mama drama.

In retrospect, the club in black and white seems to have a number of players who have strayed along the years. Here are some of Orlando Pirates players who failed to keep their private lives just that – PRIVATE!


A string of documented ill-discipline charges coupled with substance abuse meant OJ who had a promising future abroad would be stripped off his captaincy for the national team.



Tso played numerous games for club and country. In such time deciding games whether with his slick passing or goals. However he was hauled to court on statutory rape charges only to be acquitted later on. He also fathered the child will the complainant.



Although he had reduced the shenanigans when he joined Pirates, the dark cloud just didn’t want to let Pule out of its sight.



The lanky defender was charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm. To his benefit, he was acquitted.



Known for having tussles with Chairman whether it be at Pirates or Maritsburg. He has also gone AWOL on more than one occasion.


For Oupa’s sake, we hope his infidelity does not put an end to his career. Though history does not seem to favour him at all.



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