Sports & Recreation Minister Fikz Mbalula Spots Voodoo at AFCON 2015 FINALS…

Has the Minister of Sports and Recreation inadvertently demonstrated his sharp sense of observation?

It appears that Minister Fikile Mbalula has an eye for black magic.

On Sunday night during the African Cup of Nations final the Minister took to Twitter to enlighten the public on certain elements used to win the football match that had nothing to do with the kicking of the ball.

The only odd thing was that the voodoo users did not win.

Ghana coach Avram Grant was perceived to have won the exact same outfit for the whole tournament.

In the event that the apparel was laced with some kind of ‘good luck charm’, we suggest that he request a refund.

The second observation was Ghanaian goalkeeper caught on camera spreading some type of powder substance across the goal line. We can only assume that it was intended to stop the opposition from scoring…at least during regulation time.

The juju seemed to be working when Ivory Coast missed their first two penalties.

What happened next…we don’t know.

It is not the first time that the goalkeeper has been linked with the use of black magic allegations in the tournament.

Against Equatorial Guinea, he dropped a spiderman toy by his goal post.

Juju aside, the burning question is could it be possible that the Ministers gift lies elsewhere either than parliament? Could it be that the world’s shortage of good inspectors just got fewer? Minister answer your calling.


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