A First Look: Samsung S6 Looks Buff And Has Brothers

We are all super amped for the looming Samsung Galaxy S6. What are the specs, what does it feel like and what sets this supposed machine apart? Well for one, it will have different looks- which will include the Edge with a metallic rims.

Yup, tech trends are that circular.

C-NET Korea got their hands on unconfirmed pictures they allege to be unreleased photos of the new highly anticipated Galaxy S6, and it looks like the 6th edition of the smartphone may have a multi personality. What this means for you is that you will be spoiled for choice within the vast range of the same model.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit longer to get official word on what the S6 will really bring into your life as Samsung is expected to keep things under wraps at theĀ Samsung Unpacked 2015 taking place on the 1st of March.


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