5 Ways to improve your crappy studying

It’s a B word to spend hundreds of hours studying, and still fail a test. it’s sad. But gather around, because it could just be that you are doing it all wrong. And you can’t afford to be getting stuff wrong when the stakes are high and you really don’t wanna be seeing your name on the wrong side of the notice board.

So here is the deal;

LifeHacker.com managed to break it down really well to just 5 Tips that can actually work, and we must say some of them have worked for some of us at the Quench SA imaginary mansion in the heart of Sandton.

Bathi apparently the first rule to this whole thing is to avoid studying hard. We know you are probably thinking “what the hell?”, but these guys know what they are talking about. In fact, they put these tips together based on a lecture by  Dr. Marty Lobdell from Pierce College. He has a PhD, so you can move past doubting this. Dude knows things.

Do it in timed sessions

Instead of studying non stop for really long hours, break it all down to chunks of sessions. Why? Because your brain can only retain new information for like 25 to 30 minutes tops. Anything more is basically way too much for your brain to take at a time. Reward yourself after every session with something good, like chips. Well, choose your own treat, but we like chips.

Choose a perfect study area

Don’t study where you usually do other stuff,like where you masturbate watch TV. Try and find a separate area where you study that is not associated with other activities. Preferably a relaxed, quiet and serious.

Those Highlighter are so NOT working!

Highlighting your notes with all sorts of coloured pens and stickers doesn’t work. And deep down you know that. Drop that whole act and instead, asserts “know the difference between recognition and recollection.” Recognition will serve as a cue for you to remember something. That may not happen during a test. Focus on recollection.

Take Good Notes

This may seem obvious, but it isn’t. The truth is, many people scribble through with the notes, leaving out important stuff and including stuff that is irrelevant. You’ll have to figure this one out…

Know your stuff well enough to teach it

You know how they say that in order for you to know how much you have mastered new information, try and explain it to your granny in the language she can understand? Do this every time you study. Doesn’t have to be your granny though






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