Bafana Bafana Shatter Dreams At AFCON, The Sad Sequel

Notorious for mastering the art of creating last minute gasps, false hope and never-ending misery, Bafana Bafana dealt itself a harsh blow Friday night (23/01/2015) by failing to win.


Loosely translated, “The Boys, The Boys”, the team drew their second game of the Orange African Cup of Nations when no one asked them to.

When scoring is not enough

That means they have only managed to tally but just one point in two games (having lost their first game 3 – 1 to Algeria). Mathematically, they had to win their last game on Tuesday night. The fairytale of advancing to the second round was soon put to doubt as the miniature sized South African team set sights on their opponents, a much more muscular and tall looking Senegalese team.

The David and Goliath disparity was non-existent in the first half as Bafana’s imperative to win made up for the difference in stature.

Solid block

A goalless draw in the first half with South African in the ascendancy only meant that an enthralling second half was to be expected.

With the Senegalese team having won their first game, and Ghana winning in an earlier match 1-0 against Algeria, a win for South Africa was necessary to consolidate for the loss on Monday evening.

It was lack of height that led to an underwhelming draw as Bafana led late in the second half only for the equaliser to come through a mismatch in marking and the soaring Senegalese defender’s header was enough to salvage a point.

This time around however, there was no one singled out for the result. This left the rest of the team to bear the brunt of the shattered hopes of the nation.

Does this mean there’s an embarrassing news conference to be expected from the outspoken Minister of Sports and Recreation?

Has the South African Team achieved its mandate of an early exit in yet another tournament?

All answers shall be revealed on Tuesday.


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